12 Ways to enhance your character animation

Creating animations involve a deep understanding of the basics of motion, much of which pivots on the ability to observe. In this article, you will come across certain tips to improve your character animation that will help you to be a better animator. However, the basic skills of the animator depend on the ability to observe the movements of creatures and objects around them. A large part of the innovative power comes from observing the world around them. Whether you want to create animated human characters or other figures, you need to derive the concepts and ideas from the real world. This will help you to incorporate the inherent characteristics of the respective figures in the animations.

Animation character design tips

Here are twelve character animation tips that will help you to develop your skills in creating animated figures.

Observe the characters in real life

One of the basic principles to be an expert in character animation is to observe the characters in real life as said earlier. This will help you to bring life into an animated object. When you observe the characters in real world, you can develop the animation, integrating the essence of emotions and feelings in them. Each movement should have a certain reason behind it. When you get these ideas from the practical world it becomes much more realistic, and thereby, appealing to the people watching them. Observe how people around you interact and express themselves through actions. These will assist you to develop animated cartoon characters that carry feelings close to real-life situations.

Studying the psychology of movement

When you try to create mimicry of a person, you need to have a good understanding of their movements. The same principle is applicable, when you create animated characters. You should try to evaluate the reasons behind their motions, based on their intentions. All their actions have a specific purpose, and you need to understand the same. When you translate these ideas into animations, they will turn out to be more realistic and genuine. These 2d animation tips will help you to be a better animator.

Seek references from the real world

While developing the animation of the face of a person, it is in fact inevitable to seek references from the real world. This enables the animator to incorporate the features in a much more contextualised way. You need to capture the expressions of the actors and integrate the same in the animations. The experts developing 3D animation characters often use this strategy to make the characters more realistic. They recreate these expressions in the characters to shape their presence in the desired way.

Keeping the rig simple

It is necessary to keep the rig simple, while creating 3D animations. Apart from the skills of the animator, the success of the animation depends on the rig. The overall appearance of the animated characters depends on the rigs used in the process. It is wise not to go for the generic ones, when you create the animation. The rigs should be tailored according to the needs of the animator. You can use a professional rig for the purpose that will enhance the appearance of the characters. This is one of the proven 3D animation tips that will come handy to you, when you develop your 3D characters.

Develop the key poses at the beginning

At the outset, you need to develop the key poses of the characters. You should follow the layered process, when you create the animations of the characters. This will help you to save a good amount of time. In the first layer, the poses are to be integrated at specific frames in a judicious manner. This will incorporate a better timing sense in the animation. When you have completed performing this process, you need to go back and work on the other poses in order to make them perfect. This is what professionals offering 2d animation services usually do.

 Movement of the eyes

The animators should have a good understanding of the eye-movements of people, in order to make the characters more realistic. In real life, a specific movement is involved in every sequence. At first, the eyes of people shift to the focus, followed by the head and neck. The process continues till the entire body turns towards the focus. In order to develop realistic animations, you need to understand the movements of these characters in the practical life. When a person looks at someone, the movement process starts with the eyes. In the animation too, you should integrate these principles to bring life into them. Making the characters as realistic as possible is where your success lies.

Studying the effects of gravity

In order to understand the simple animation movements, you should focus on the effects of gravity in actual life and integrate the same in the animated videos. When you create the animation, you need to consider the impact of animation on the characters and integrate the movements accordingly. The mass of the characters also needs to be considered, when you incorporate the effects of gravity. For instance, tall and thin characters are lighter on their feet. For people with heavier figures, the foot fall should be heavier. As they try to lift their upper body, their waist should dip more than usual.

Timing the movements of the characters

Timing the movements of the characters is one of the most important aspects to focus on, when you develop the animated figures. Time governs all these movements. Therefore, make sure that you integrate the timings of these movements accurately. The timing for joyful and happy moments should be sharp and quick. This strategy works out well in cartoons. You can add exaggerations to certain movements. If you are creating a game character animation, you should focus on the timing and ensure accurate movements. In case the character feels down or upset, you can use slower animations.

Keeping the characters balanced

Well, one of the important areas to focus on while developing the animated characters is to keep the characters balanced. You should understand where the centre of gravity lies in each of the characters. When people walk around, they need both strength and balance. You need to bring the centre of gravity into these animated characters as well. While developing 3D animation, you need to shift this centre of gravity in the characters, so that they look realistic. When you make the characters stand, bend down or move, you need to focus on the centre of gravity and integrate the movements accordingly.

Recycling basic animations

In case you are creating the animation in the virtual world, you should save the basic animations and create a good stock. These can come handy in future, when you develop other animations. Even when you create basic movements like cycling or walking, you should save these animations. When you apply this movement in other animations, you can save a lot of time. The main keyframes and poses remain the same and you can make the necessary adjustments in the animations that match the personality of the animated character you are developing.

Using a basic model

While animating game characters, it becomes difficult to manipulate a high-resolution model. It can strain your eyes, particularly when the model involves complex elements. When you try to develop real-time animations, it turns out to be strenuous for your system. In these cases, you should use a basic model. You need to hide the model with high resolution and animate a proxy model that is much simpler than the original one. This reduced version of the character will enable you to simplify the task and you can focus on the key areas of the movements and detail out the finer aspects.

Splitting the movements

The animator needs to split every movement into three parts, anticipation, action and reaction. For instance, when a character leaps ahead, you need to make it bend down, which develops the power. This is the anticipation stage. The leap constitutes the action and the momentum that pushes the character forward is the reaction.

Apart from these, you make sure not to form every letter of speech in the character while they talk. This will result in irregular mouth movements.  A general mouth movement works out well in animations.

These animation tips will help you out, when you develop an animated character. The animators should try to make their characters as close as possible to reality. If you need animations for advertisement and marketing, you can reach out to WinBizSolutions, one of the reputed companies providing animation services. Get across to the experts for high-quality animation services. They can help you bolster your marketing strategy.


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