7 Easy Tricks to Make Your Portrait Retouching All the More Professional and Topnotch

One of the most basic portrait retouching tips and tricks that one needs to keep in mind is to not go over the top. With all the technological advantages that are here, it has become too easy for anyone to remove the wrinkles, fix all the imperfections and blemishes and change the size of an object, but the hardest part has become to know when to stop it.

With this guide, you will learn how to effectively carry out a range of retouching tasks that can provide the image with a subtle perfection without overdoing anything.bfr

Step #1: Boost the irises


There is no doubt that the most important aspect of any portrait is the subject’s eyes and it can determine the quality of the image. As such, making the irises look better is one of the best portrait retouching techniques to improve the overall quality of the image. You can improve the color and contrast of the irises of the eyes to make it more attractive prominent. The ‘Radial Filter’ can be effectively utilized to do that just in a matter of time.

You can do it as follows;

  • Open the image with Lightroom, Camera Raw or Camera Raw Filter of Photoshop
  • Create an ellipse over the iris
  • Use brush to erase if any unnecessary parts
  • Increase the exposure, saturation and clarity till you feel they are apt
  • You can also have the edges of the iris darkened
  • In order to leave the edges of the eyes darkened, erase a little at the center of the circle

Step #2: Skin softening


Retouching skin is an extremely delicate job, as the skin will look pale and inanimate if overdone. However retouching of skin is a very vital process which can’t be overlooked. In order to get the perfect photo retouching, you can follow the steps;

  • First, using Clone Stamp tool and Spot Healing brush, retouch any kind of blemishes and marks
  • Now duplicate the layer
  • Invert the layer and the opacity of layer needs to be set at 50% going to the Layers panel.
  • Set the Linear Light from Blend Mode
  • Right click on layer and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’
  • Take High Pass from Filter and give the value that will get the skin blurred at –9.9px
  • Now, set –3.3px (1/3 of High Pass value) at the Blur Gaussian Blur from filter to bring the texture back
  • Now, hide the effect by Alt-clicking on the icon of Add Layer Mask
  • To reveal the skin, paint on the skin with a white brush

Tip #3: Remove any and all hot spots


The brightly reflected areas on the face might give away a feel that the face is sweaty even when it is not which can tamper the whole grace. It can in fact give a false sense of tiredness to the skin. Most of the times, you will require to do it with one of the best and most effective portrait retouching tools. In this case, we will use the Patch tool.

The following steps will help you do it naturally;

  • Create selections around the areas of hot spots
  • Make a new empty layer
  • Go to ‘Tool Options’ and set it to ‘Sample All Layers’ and ‘Content-Aware’
  • Remove the area
  • Tone down the fix by lowering the opacity of the layer
  • Stop right there when the highlight is shown partially through the layer

Tip #4: How to sharpen the portrait of a woman


One of the best ways to sharpen the images of woman is to sharpen over the red panel as it contains little skin. This will help you sharpen the face whiteout actually causing any damage to the skin’s softness.

Use the following steps;

  • Go to Channels panel
  • Now, click on ‘Red Chanel’
  • Here, go to Filter, then Sharpen and Unsharp Mask
  • Change the Unsharp Mask settings as per the resolution of the image to get the best result

At the end of the same, you will surely be able to observe crisp details without using any sophisticated Photoshop portrait retouching software programs.

Tip #5: Dodge and burn the portrait face


Though we are discussing exclusively about portrait editing, this technique can work with other images as well. So, there is no harm in trying the same on other types as well.

You can follow the steps given below to get it done;

  • Open the desired image
  • Click on the Create New Layer icon and open the New Layer options
  • Give the name ‘Dodge and Burn’ to the layer
  • Set Mode: Overlay, now
  • Check the Fill with… box and get the layer filled with grey
  • Click OK to create a new layer that is invisible
  • Pain black to darken the layer or white to lighten the layer as you require
  • Launch Brush tool and set the opacity of the same to 10%
  • Now, paint the dark areas with black
  • Now, click on X and paint the white areas with white

Tip #6: Remove stray hairs


Removing stray hairs is a harder task even for an established photo editing company without any doubt. And if you are trying to master the best way to get it done with perfection, you can follow the below steps thoroughly using the Spot Healing Brush tool.

As removing a stray hair can leave a grimy edge, you need to use the Healing Brush or the Clone Stamp tool to remove the hair from the point where it makes the contact with the head. This is something to be done with great care so as to achieve needed level of perfection.

Once the hair strand is cut off, you can rely on the pot Healing Brush tool and the paint to remove the rest of the part. Also make sure that you effectively paint the background accordingly.

Tip #7: Remove eye bags


If you are a company offering professional portrait retouching services, you will know that nothing can ruin the character of an image as eye bags do. This is one of the major reasons why you need to have them effectively removed.

You can use the following steps to do it;

  • Open the desired portrait image you want to edit
  • Duplicate the background layer
  • Open the Patch tool
  • In the tool options, change the value to Patch: Normal
  • Now, around the dark patch, draw a selection. While doing this, give a little room at the edges
  • You can drag the selected area to a clean skin area
  • Go to Layers panel now and reduce the opacity until it looks natural
  • If you need, go to Clone Stamp tool to clone at about 20% low opacity. This will further smoothen out the rough areas, in any.

Over the years, with the advent of technology, portrait editing has become a common thing that has given rise to companies that offer plans for portrait retouching online.

However, it is always crucial that one always choose the best one to get the best result. The importance of portrait retouching cannot be stressed more and hence care must be always taken to hire the best and experienced service providers.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional company that can offer affordable and top-notch digital photo editing services, we are the right people to help you owing to our experience and expertise in the domain.

Contact our service support team to get all the details you need about our plans.


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