7 Tips to Maintain wordpress Websites

It is very natural to think that once your business website is live and functioning well, your job is done. But in reality, it is only the beginning of a perpetual relationship with your business website where you will constantly search for maintaining a website tips and other techniques all day through. As you might realize, maintaining a webpages is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your users can get maximum benefit visiting your site. Even when you have an exceptionally striking site, if it is not maintained well, it is definite that the number of your visitors will start declining. And your competition will gain them for sure, if they have a better and a more efficient website maintenance plan than you.

Maintaining a website tips

So, what are you going to do?

Would you rather sit there idle watching the sand getting washed off from under your business’s foundation? Or do you do something even before such things begin to even happen?

If you choose the latter, but do not know how on earth you are going to get help with all the WordPress website maintenance services that you need, this post is to help you.

We have brought here for you the best WordPress website maintenance checklist with some of the most important and effective tips to help you maintain your site nice and easy. Read ahead and explore.

Check for the updates available for WordPress

One of the most common platforms used by businesses to create their website is WordPress as it is one of the more user-friendly website platforms to go around in the industry. While the platform is exceptionally effortless to maintain and update, it also brings updates from time to time. It is really important that you update your version to be on the safer side. By the very nature of the platform, as technology progresses you need to get rid of outdated scripts, plug-ins and themes that will slow your site down. This is crucial to maintain professionalism and also to benefit from the perspective of search engine rankings.

Test your website after the update

After updating your webpages, one of the first and most sensible things to do is to check if your website is working the way it should. Check if all the internal and external links are working and go to the pages as intended. Also check your webpages on different operating systems, mobile devices and browsers to see whether the site renders as intended. If you think something is not right, then it is important that you seek the help of a website technical support team who can get the job done. Your website post updating must work even better and you must make sure of the same.

Clean up your database

Everything you have on your website is saved on the database you have. As such, if you have too much of anything, it is going to take a toll on the performance of your webpages. The normal and the worst symptom is that your site will become slower. As such, you need to every now and then check your database to weed out everything that you do not need on your database. Even if it is deleting some spam comments, it can bring considerable changes to the performance of your site. If you do not know how to go about it, you can take the help from the company who provided you the website design services to design your webpages.

Discover broken links and fix them

When updates are carried out, it is really important to check your website for broken links. After all, your site is a collection of links logically arranged to offer the best experience for your visitors. If you find any broken link, you need to fix it immediately as broken links can render your site worthless and negatively affect the traffic to it. It also assumes greater importance from an SEO viewpoint as accumulation of large number of links will reduce the value of your site in the eyes of various search engines.

Delete all the spam comments

Spam comments are always an issue to most websites and to ensure that your website is not a hub of spam comments, you need to delete all those comments that bring no value to the online discussion that takes place on your webpages. As the intention of the comment section is to have your users interact, it is really imperative that it must be the intention of everyone communicating. If your comment session is full of spam, real people do not bother commenting. Hence once in a while, you need to delete the spam comments from the webpages. It may take some time but it’s worthy.

Always stay updated with security measures

As online transactions and data transfer have become more common, security threats are also on the loose trying to loot whatever the hackers think is valuable for you. As such, it is really imperative that you know how security measures work on your site, and who gets the access and who does not. This is rather a tricky business, but extremely important nonetheless. It can happen that most of the times you have no idea about the security measures on your site. In such cases, you can always call a company capable of providing excellent website maintenance service propositions at affordable website maintenance services cost just the way you would love.

Analyze the traffic to your website

Your site, by the design of it, will sure bring you a range of data that you can use to drive information from to help your business quite effectively. Such insights will help you offer better service propositions and experiences to your users. As such, regularly analyzing the traffic and their behavior will surely help you meet you business objectives rather effectively.

As a business owner you may not be able to do the above mentioned things all by yourself and it surely is a well-founded concern. However, only when you maintain your website can you attract the traffic to your website for business growth. There are several web design services providers in market who will also provide effective WordPress website maintenance services just the way you would love. Contact them directly to know about various packages as well as different ways in which they can help you.


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