How to improve your website design (Tips)

What is the first aspect that you think of when it comes to designing a website? The visual impact, what it tells the visitor within the first 5 seconds and how easy is the website to navigate? If yes, then you have the right approach towards designing a website. Factors like the bounce rate and ease in understanding the content play a major role in improving the visitor’s user experience as well.


Today, CMS website design has become increasingly important because an optimized website can take any business to soaring heights. It is inevitable to providing the user with a rich experience while complementing your website and content; it’s surely going to help you succeed.

Every visitor who comes to your website should get to know basic things about the website in just 5 seconds or even lesser. What you are, what you propose to do, who is your target audience- this is the basic information that the visitor should get to know at first glance. The concerns of your target audience need to be addressed as quickly as possible because you cannot let them wander away from your website.

Here are some helpful website design tips and tricks that will help you improve your web design and greatly benefit your business.


Don’t just randomly begin with a website. Give some thought to it. Make a plan. You need to begin from the beginning of a visitor’s experience and map it out till the end, when they finally become your customers. Think about what educational content would interest them to browse through even more. Your aim is to plan a great online experience that will ultimately convert that lead into a customer.

Stick to High Quality Content

There is good content and then there is bad content. Where good content can greatly benefit you, bad content adversely affects your business. Remove over complicated and unnecessary animations, poor quality images and irrational content with grammatical faux pas. Remember that the audience is fickle. It has a really short attention span. Only what is relevant should go up on the website. Do not confuse the visitors with muddy content. Also, avoid using words that have already been exploited by the competitor websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. Through social media, good quality and engaging content can spread like wild fire. This helps derive a huge amount of traffic via social media sites. This is why it is strongly advised that your webpage should have social sharing options; so that people can share your content on their social media profiles. This social sharing button is not a tool for aggressive marketing and therefore, makes the visitor feel like he has a choice and he consciously chooses to share the content when he finds it interesting and worth it.


Guide the visitors to the ultimate step. This could mean telling them how to contact you or telling them what to do in order to get what they want. Avoid over stuffing the page with call-to-actions. Some legitimate call-to-actions are “download our sample to get more information”, “fill this form for us to contact you with our prices”, and “sign up for a free estimate”. Putting in call to actions prudently is one of the most vital one among various website improvement ideas.

The power of an Image

A picture is worth a thousand words but a bad picture is worth so much more, in the most negative sense. Use appropriate images to connect the content with your audience. Do not use images with someone else’s copyright. Original and unique content is always more appreciated- both by Google and the audience. The images used should look genuine and informative.

Organization of the Website

No one likes a disorganized website. People do not have the time or patience to get through a disheveled website, trying to understand the intent behind it. They know within 5 seconds if a website is going to be worth their time or not. The navigation interface of the website has to be organized and clear. The visitor should be able to roam around the webpages with ease and fluidity.

White Space keeps Things Fresh

Good content is often more than 500 words. This means that to keep it interesting and engaging, visuals in the form of images and info graphics are often reverted to. Another way to break the monotony of context is to add space between the paragraphs. The white space actually makes the content look fresher and easier to read. It also helps priorities content. Often, white spacing is used to properly divide the content.

Responsive website design

One should never forget that there are more smartphone users in the world than laptop users. It has to be mobile-friendly as well. The content has to be responsive. This means that the content should adjust according to the size of the screen and maintain the level of readability and aesthetic. Another important aspect of website optimization for mobiles is the speed at which the website loads, the faster the better.

SEO for Improved Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps develop online presence. The higher you rank in the Google results; the more traffic will be diverted to your site. This means that all the content on the website needs to be optimized, including videos, articles and all other presented reading material. Identify what keywords you need to rank for and work towards those. Unnecessary content will take you nowhere worthwhile. When the audience starts searching for keywords related to your niche, with an improvement in the Google rankings over a period of time, these keywords will give you much better visibility.

Experiment to Know More 

Never hesitate to carry out a well planned and well researched experiment. Evaluate conversion paths; see how far the visitors scroll and what kind of content interests them. Older landing pages may be performing well but if they contain presently irrelevant information, these pages will start to lose their credibility. Keep tweaking designs to make them look more current. This may require a lot of effort from your partner web design company but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Check for Broken Links and Other Errors

Keep checking to see if your website has any links that do not function properly anymore. There is no other way than to check for these on your own because the visitors are not going to let you know the same.

Offer What Interests the Audience

Your visitors can turn into your customers if you present them with offers, discounts or demos. Be creative in your thought process. Avoid offerings that aren’t original or are over exploited because these won’t help you get anywhere. You need to stand apart from your competition and offer to the visitor something that only you can provide to them.

Create Appealing Content

It is important to connect with the visitors. Make the experience centred on them. The moment they can relate to the content, they tend to stick around the website for a longer time and as a result of which, not only is the bounce rate considerably decreased, but the potential to convert a lead into a customer increases manifold.

Internet touches the lives of many. Today, instead of the Yellow Pages, people look at Google to give them information. Every company fights to create an online presence. To be successful, it is becoming increasingly important to have a strong web design that is dynamic and is kept upgraded to match the stride of times. This can be done wonderfully by an expert web designer. Outsource web design services to any of the best professionals and be assured of perfect and productive online presence.


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