eBook conversion services : Why to prefer services provider rather than tools

Readers often want to read eBooks in their desired format, which makes it necessary to convert them accordingly. If you are a book lover, you would expect an eBook to be available in the format you find most convenient to read. Each format has its pros and cons, so the user should be able to convert the eBook as per his requirements. Designing an eBook involves a lot of efforts. Readers can get text in any of the formats that they are comfortable with when they opt for professional eBook conversion services.


One of the most popular eBook formats is ePub. It is a standard format for eBooks, responsive in nature. In this format, the text can adjust to the screen size of any device used for reading. These include smartphone, e-reader, PC or tablet. The images and texts in ePub format are dynamic and are able to align themselves with the device. In ePub files with fixed layouts, the illustrated book designs remain fixed, while they are being used in various devices.

It is a vital component of the publishing process. A section of authors hires specialists for conversion when they produce eBooks. Others incorporate any automated tool for conversion, available online, to convert their eBooks into ePub format. Here, you will come across certain important tips that will help you to choose either of these processes.

Reasons behind choosing eBook conversion services


 An eBook developer integrates customized conversion methods, smooth design, and an effective quality assessment mechanism in the product. However, it is essential to make it accessible to the readers. After developing the file, the professionals edit the codes and simplify the CSS, in order to format the document. A seamless incorporation of all these processes completes the process. It makes the eBooks available in most of the desired format, eliminating the technical glitches that readers face while opening an eBook.

Conversion code base

The process of eBook conversion keeps on evolving. For instance, Adobe InDesign introduced a new feature that enables users to export eBooks with fixed layouts in little time. This was a welcome move for developers, as they could now eliminate complicated processes while exporting eBooks. Also a lot of time could be saved.

Page layout

Elaborated page layout makes the eBooks engaging. The professionals specializing in conversions include block quotes, footnotes, typography and develop the format. They also include other necessary elements in the layout, including cover specifications, metadata and so on. It is always advisable to go for detailed page layout so that it is aesthetically appealing and functionally smart.

Epub3 conversion Services

ePub3 format has been adopted by a number of distributors. The navigation system in this format is flexible. The format enhances the reading experiences for the readers, as it comes with multimedia enhancements, cross references that are easy to use and eBook landmarks.

An author wants to present the eBook in the way he/she desires. An eBook conversion specialist evaluates the needs and crafts it accordingly, making it suitable or all types of devices.

How efficient are online eBook conversion tools?

Authors and publishers have access to various conversion tools. Certain distributors and websites offer some of these tools, while the others are standalone applications. These tools are however not reliable in almost all cases. Even, some of these tools come with intuitive features, which make it difficult to customize in the desired way.

For instance, in Caliber, a Mobi file is generated when the document is uploaded in PDF or text format. Users get a vast array of random options to personalize the eBook. However, the tools do not guarantee that the eBook will can be read on all devices, or be accepted by stores and distributors. Again, when you upload your document on Kobo, it gets converted to ePub or Mobi format. No further options for customization are available for the readers.

In these cases, the author is unable to get the book handcrafted in the way he/she wanted to. The final presentation of eBooks changes, according to the alteration in the code base. Besides, a number of extraneous codes are present in the document when you use standalone applications. In case you want to remove or add something to the eBook, you will have to start right from the beginning which is a tiring and time consuming affair.

Evidently, eBook conversion services ensure much more customization. They are far more beneficial than online conversion tools. So, rather than wasting time trying free online tools, it is always wiser to hire any of the experts offering professional services.


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