Beauty skin and fashion retouching: Things to keep in mind

The most relevant thumb rule of skin retouching is to retain the natural looks. No doubt, retouching enhances the looks, but take care not to use it excessively. You should maintain the authenticity of the photos when you retouch them. Here are certain factors and tips related to photo retouching that you should be acquainted with before you retouch fashion images.

fashion retouching techniques

Balancing tone of skin

In general, the skin tone varies in different parts of the body. You should incorporate this change when you retouch the photos. Maintain a realistic look in the model’s body when you balance the tone of skin. It is important to maintain a consistency in all the images or else it may appear weird. You can seek expert help for retouching these photos.  The level of darkness and brightness can be controlled by maximizing the usage of tool dedicated to ‘Curves’. You can also use tools like ‘Saturation’ and ‘Hue’ for this purpose.

Get rid of marks on the skin

Removing marks of acnes, boils, pimples and various other marks from the skin is necessary when you retouch a photo. However, you should have the ability to decide which marks to remove. Often, certain marks on the face of the model are a natural part of their skin. Do not unnecessarily edit these parts as it may make the image appear unauthentic. Only the marks that disrupt their looks need to be retouched. You should remove all marks of cuts and bruises from the skin. Tools like ‘Dodge and Burn’ and ‘healing brush’ helps you to remove these marks.

Practice patiently

Clients always focus on getting perfect looks in the retouched photos. This is the reason why professionals offering photo retouching services for fashion photography must deal with the entire process patiently. You cannot be in a rush when you target perfectness and this is a fact you should keep at the back of your head, always. Blemishes come as a part and parcel of most model photos. You should retouch them patiently. A good product calls for substantial amounts of time, patience and effort.

It is a long but interesting process. You can obviously try out the trial and error strategy here. Learning perfect fashion retouching techniques takes time and you need to be dedicated towards the same.

Don’t be restricted to brightness and contrast

Photo retouching involves the adjustment of brightness and contrast. However, you need to go beyond it to achieve maximum possible excellence. You need to explore all the tools at your disposal and incorporate them in the right place. For instance, tools that control hues can come handy to the retouchers. You can also adjust the level of saturation in the photo.

Do not use excessive effects

Post production skin retouching of a model is a delicate task. You may know a variety of effects, but you should use them judicially. Keep in mind, that the photo should look believable, so overusing the colour effects will kill the natural charm. Darken and brush only the areas that call for attention.

Do not overlap adjustment layers

At times, you may think of using multiple colour adjustment features. Or, you may feel that a particular effect is better than another. You should remove the old layer before you incorporate a new one. Overlapping the layers makes effects counter each other. It may be a time-consuming process for any company providing fashion photography retouching services, but ensures that the overall quality of the photo is maintained.

Remove unnatural markings on the skin

When you retouch a photo of a model, make sure to do away with the blemishes and markings on the skin. Make it consistent as much as possible. It makes the whole process productive and enhances the look of the photo.

In a nutshell, you should have the judgmental power to evaluate what works out best and what fails to do so. Incorporate these measures while retouching fashion photos. It will add more depth and professionalism to your efforts if the provision of best photo retouching services is what you strive for.

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