Creating effective multilingual customer support strategies- steps involved

It is a fact that English is globally recognized and obviously one of the most popular languages. However, it is not the sole choice for customers, especially in case of customer service.  People these days need personalized customer support and even universal brands are facing the challenge of serving perfectly to a multicultural and multi-linguistic market.

multilingual customer support outsourcing
Multilingual Call Center

When it comes to framing a strategy for customer support, most of the managers involuntarily overlook the share of contribution from their non-English-speaking prospects as well as customers. They don’t realize that the richest markets these days are mostly multilingual. Developed cities are becoming melting pots and people from varied cultures converge here. So, brands targeting multiple countries should keep this in mind and act accordingly. The right thing for them to do is to engage a professional multilingual call center. By this, all your customers will feel the care you have towards them; they will feel more valued. The quality of their experience is elevated. Usually people love to converse in their mother-tongue. Brands can increase the trust of their customers and make them more loyal towards them.

Now, what matters the most is how a company is going to implement its multilingual support strategies. There are many ways to go about it but for getting the intended results, various factors are to be taken into consideration.  Let us see some of the most critical among them.

Identify your target market

The very first thing to do is to find your present and prospective markets with enough potential; this is one among the basic multilingual contact center tips. By this, you can identify the languages in which you have to support your customers. In addition to this, understanding customers and the countries from which they hail can help you to frame the right strategy that can stay in line with their cultural inclinations. Always remember that targeting a specific city or country never means that you can offer support only in a single language. As mentioned, every growing city has people from varied cultures and geographical locations who shouldn’t be missed out.

Have an idea regarding the nature of customer queries

After you zero in at your markets, it would be quite easier for you to foresee the call volumes and the query types that your customer support team will have to deal with. This is very important to avoid being dumbstruck by unexpected questions. Also, you can get clear idea regarding what to look in the skill set of professionals housed by multilingual virtual call center that you are planning to hire. Say, technology focused companies should get resources that are tech savvy. Likewise, retail brands should opt for the ones having great selling skills. Customer issues may also be categorized so that the right people can be assigned based on their areas of expertise. Besides, consider the expected customer base growth rate.  If you are sure of growth in immediate future, make sure that the center can accommodate the protracted requirements with ease without losing quality.

Identify the expectations of your customers

Take it with a pinch of salt- A company that fails to understand the expectations of customers fails to get their favors. You must be precisely able to gauge the expectations of your customers and the way they think and react. Cultural nuances must be carefully taken into consideration. While some remarks may be appreciated others may not be comfortable or even acceptable for certain sector of customers. Make sure that the call center professional agents are aware of it. Also, check for their preferred platform for communication.  While younger generation prefer smartphones, older ones are still comfortable with email communications. In addition to the said, gauge whether you should operate all day and night, throughout the year or if taking few days off is something you can afford. However, it is always advisable to operate 24/7 as you never know at what point of time you may be encountering most premium customers.

Come up with your best business model

Smart companies always create their multilingual customer support strategies in such a way that they stand ahead of others and separated from the rest. If you too want to be in the vanguard, see to it that your plan is all-inclusive covering your entire needs.  The service model should unfailingly reflect the missions of your brand. Starting right from your hiring process, every aspect including the stage of employee onboarding and organizational structure should take you closer to the goals you have. It is always better to opt for multilingual call center outsourcing but you may also build your own in-house customer support team. Some of the vital factors to consider are the level of employee engagements, trainings to be given, management style, quality monitoring and shift scheduling.

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Keep an eye on business rule books and related laws

Based on the laws and policies implemented by government along with industry specific regulations, the way in which multilingual customer support services is delivered may be impacted, especially in case of healthcare, legal and finance sectors. You should always stay updated with the privacy and consumer right policies. For making sure that the concerned call center stays adhered to all needed laws, the right thing to do is to consult with any of the revered corporate lawyers acquainted with your business scenario and target markets.

Get equipped with the best technologies

Technology is very crucial as it directly influences the quality of customer support that you would be able to provide.  Being equipped with the best devices and software programs is mandatory for addressing perfectly to market preferences and this is what a typical company offering call center outsourcing services unfailing do.  Companies are constantly working on coming up with better sophisticated technologies. Few to mention are cloud based operations, language-aware IVRs and self-service portals.  With these, customer lives become more comfortable and stress-free as they facilitate swift and flexible solutions. This is exactly what they need.

Last but not the least you must keep on planning for an improved future. With newer technologies, preferences as well as expectations of customers also change. Being adaptive to the latest trends while collecting the customer insights is pivotal to stay safe in this competition-brimmed market place.

If you are planning to rely on any of the call center outsourcing vendors, make sure that they meet all the above detailed criteria and select the best one. Then only, you can achieve your targets.



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