2d and 3d animation as sales tool – some points to be considered

You may have grown up watching Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh etc. thus having animation as a part of your life, ever since childhood. Over years, it has found infinite applications in commercials, TV shows and several great movies. With the advancement in technology, the effort involved and cost incurred in availing 2D and has significantly 3d animation services reduced. Obviously animation is not the cheapest option out there but considering the impact it can make, graphics now enjoys a comfy space in the sales and advertising plans of almost all businesses.


How much effective animation is as a sales tool?

Besides animation services for entertainment, the technology can be leveraged for many other purposes and among them sales is pivotal. It clearly and attractively demonstrates the working of a product and this is most effective in case of something like drugs and medical devices. With animatronics, representing environments is quite easier when compared to cameras or real life settings. For showing the cellular level activities, nothing perhaps work better than animation.

The technology exploits the fact that 30%  of human brain gets involved in visual information processing which is quite a higher percentage compared to the 3% for the purpose of hearing and 8% for touching. Besides, brain can speedily process images and visual imagery facilitates adding meaning to even most complex information.

In short, animation when executed perfectly is engaging and it is a fun to watch.  3D animation has unmatched potential to grab the attention of prospects and retain their interest in what you are trying to communicate.

Now let the see things to do and stay away from when it comes to creating animation for sales.

Things to do

Define a goal.

Set a goal and define it properly. Ask yourself: what are you objectives, what you want to achieve, in which phase of the sales generation process you’re going to incorporate the animation, what are you actually going to communicate. Getting answers to these will provide you a proper direction which the basic inevitable thing. In case if there are several goals, multiple graphics are recommended.

Make use of storytelling

Narratives can work wonders in the context of sales cycles. Even highly intricate scientific animatronics should have a story line irrespective of the types of animation techniques used. It could be a narration on how a particular device helps in making surgery easier, how a new drug helped a patient to recover or anything similar. Stories always stay memorable and meaning to the graphics catalyzing the process of message comprehension by your prospects.

Check your options

Many options are there from which you can choose the apt one suiting your purpose perfectly. You may seek for whiteboard animation services, storyboard illustration, 2D or 3D animation. Opting for 3D is wise as a better realistic feel is provided; the convoluted interrelationships existing between different biological systems can be more unambiguously shown. If your budget is ambler and deadline is tighter it’s advisable to proceed with 2d simulation. Whiteboards and illustrations convey statistics and even stories with ease.

Small is beautiful

It is always good to keep animations shorter. Attention span of even the most interested prospects is less in the present digitally dominated world. People hate spending too much of time and that is the reason why videos have gained preference over text. Besides longer videos take more time to load and is costlier as well.

Things that you must not do

Never select your service provider in a hurry

You will be digging your own pit if you randomly select a service provider. 3D animation or any other type of animation is not a walk in the park. It takes time, effort, creativity and expertise. So, the service provider you choose must be efficient and experienced. Ask for his portfolio and see whether the endorsements made by his previous customers appearing genuine and pleasing.

Don’t let you animation stay idle

After spending money and getting the 3D or 2d animation services done, make sure that your team is making use of it strategically and in most effective manner. Before starting the animatronics creation process, you should gather the details from your marketing team and communicate their exact requirements to the concerned service provider. It should serve the purpose of your sales team and in the long run your aim of getting more business. Sales effort of your team must be complemented with the graphics created.

Don’t let service providers overcharge you

You don’t have to get holes drilled in your pocket just because of the simple reason that you can’t do animation in-house. Powerful animations can be done by professional companies offering services at reasonable rates. Carry out a proper market research to avoid falling prey to companies who charge hefty animation services prices unreasonably. This never means that cheaper companies offer best value for money. Carry out a critical comparison to evaluate the value for the investment you are making.

If the above points are kept in mind, you are sure to enjoy maximum benefits of 2d and 3d animation. Explain your products and show the uniqueness and entire USPs of your provisions with more effectiveness now!


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