Important tips for effectively using the Clipping Paths

The eventual quality of image cut-out depends on the meticulous manner in which it has been clipped. Graphic design has many dimensions which when utilized discreetly can lead to captivating images with flawless clipping paths. However, for the same, you should be very careful with the clipping path techniques used and processes carried out.

photo clipping

Clipping paths

You may be wondering what clipping paths actually are. It is created for carving a bewitching image out of a scenario for facilitating its seamless transfer to applications that may require it. Undistorted text wrapping can be accomplished with a perfectly clipped image.

You may embark on this task with a clipping mask. This mask is a graphic object which veils the artwork to be snipped in entirety with its shape. The region of compete artwork is no longer visible; it is concealed. The regions encompassed by the shape remain visible. The desired portion of the artwork can now be clipped to the shape defined by the mask.

After the creation of the path, clipping path’s application is done on it by a typical clipping path service provider with the view of eliminating parts that lie to the exterior of the path. This occurs when the file is placed in Illustrator. Clipping set can be made from two or greater number of objects grouped together. Entire array of objects within a layer or group can also be used for making clipping set.

The usefulness becomes evident when this tool is used for preparing a design from images, photographs or stray snaps. While designing brochures, magazines, websites, leaflets and other articles where segregated images are to be used, strategic clipping path solutions play valuable role. For instance, if an image is present with grey backdrop and is suitable for using on the landing page of the brochure. The background needs to be removed for the given image as the grey colour is not compatible with the overall colour scheme of the brochure and other dominant designs. Image background removal can be accomplished with clipping paths but you should be careful in the process.

How clipping paths are to be created?

If the path that has to be defined is delineated properly, it is a breeze to create path. The ‘Pen’ tool is to be used for creating a path all along the image’s boundary and the area would be rendered as a silhouette. Companies offering product photo editing services in fact master this.

Navigate to the Paths panel and then select Save Path from the menu. You need to click on the triangle that sits in the panel’s upper right corner. Subsequently, the path has to be named. If you are unable to view the save Path, it implies that the path has been saved already.

To understand the process, open Photoshop, navigate to the file menu, choose Open and from the ensuing dialog box, select the image file to be worked upon by browsing to its location. Upon clicking Open, the image becomes ready for clipping action.

The Pen tool’s menu bar sits beneath the main Menu Bar. Choose ‘Paths’ from it. Clicking on the edge of the image and dragging the mouse pointer to the next stage to be marked for clipping at a tentative distance would set you out on the task. Repeat this process until the entire image boundary has been defined. You will see ‘O’ symbol which implies that the path is going to be closed by you. Upon clicking the starting point, the path is closed.

Once the Photoshop clipping path is complete and adequately closed, navigate to the path palette by selecting ‘Paths’ from the ‘Window’ menu. Double clicking on the ‘Work Path’ and subsequently pressing Enter would save the path with name ‘work path’. Path’s accuracy can be tested by clicking the button named ‘Load Path as a Selection’ situated ay Path’s palette bottom. Pressing Cntl+Shift+I would invert the selection and the same would be filled with colour demoting the new layer. Clicking ‘ok’ would result in saving of the file. Transport the file in ‘In Design’ for using the path for text wrapping and other actions like layer creation and drop shadow.

The clipping paths tool in Photoshop is highly useful for creation of precisely cut-out images. This is an interesting technique which most companies offering photo editing service for photographers use and definitely is the best available way to create clearly demarcated cut-outs. Start uploading your choicest of photos and clip them the way you want for spectacular and visually pleasing results. Also read our blog about factors that make image clipping services imperative for any business.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you can surely avail maximum benefits. However, for the same, it’s imperative to associate with the best company offering photo clipping services. Carrying out some serious research would be helpful in this regard.


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