How to convert Flash into HTML5 in most profitable manner

The primary reason to convert Flash into HTML5 is that the former is not compatible with mobile devices. A lot of business firms have already switched over to HTML5 in order to make their websites viewable to a larger section of customers. All the smartphones and tablets support HTML5, which makes it a better choice to increase the reach. It enables one to run courses that are mobile ready on laptops and desktops too. People can benefit from this seamless flexibility while using them.

It is in fact inevitable to migrate from Flash to HTML5. However, you need to take certain precautions while making this move, as it may otherwise result in a loss on your part.

Flash-to-HTML conversion services

Detailed below are some important reasons explaining why you may be losing money in the process.

The basics

You need to plan the conversion of Flash to HTML5 well, as unplanned move may result in your loss. Here are four tips you need to remember.

Make sure that supporting elements are ready

  • The supporting elements for migrating to HTML5 include browser support, mobile learning solutions support, Learning Management System and updates for the security policy of the user.
  • You need to draw up course list, prioritizing when they are to be converted from Flash to HTML5.
  • The migration has to be done by selecting a small volume of courses. They need to be mitigated and tested for approval.
  • All the assets and fundamental elements are to be in place. Sometimes, all the assets are not accessible and it results in delays. Make sure that these are available when you convert flash to html5 adobe.

Apart from these, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of conversion. HTML5 gives a better experience than Flash-based designs. You need to understand these aspects and carry out the operational process. It is necessary to identify the frames to yield a better user experience. You need to have a clear support for Instructional Design for a better user experience and it will enable you to have clear frame mapping.


You need to consider three aspects when you are converting; professional companies offering flash to html5 conversion services always recommend the same.

First of all, you should identify the need. Look out for the technological update as well as the complete redesign. The nature of value addition during a course is subjected to variation. Therefore, you must chalk out how you should approach the mitigation. The clues may be any of the following:

Recent courses

Only technological up gradation may be necessary in these cases. When you convert interactive swf to html5, no visual design enhancements or instructional design enhancements are made.

Compliance courses

Cycle of migration in these courses may also factor for visual enhancements and textual updates.

Legacy courses

Here, only the content can be used for re-designing the website, both from the perspectives of visual design and instructional designs.

You can locate what else you may want while crafting the strategy for mobile learning.

Along with provision of flexibility to the people who learn on the device that they are comfortable with, it is crucial to identify other aspects like user experience, better performance gain, learning experience and so on. Besides, you need to identify the devices required for testing methodology.

In tablets and smartphones, the range of options is over-expanding. Therefore, one may find no way to check HTML5 courses on all these gadgets. Instead, you need to identify the main models for these gadgets and exclusive test cases will be required for this.

Selection of designs

You have two options as you begin to convert flash website to html5. You can opt for:

Adaptive: This refers to learning solution on mobile that is multi-device custom in nature and supports laptops, tablets and PC’s.

Responsive: This refers to learning solutions on mobile that are supported by smartphones as well, besides in laptops, PC’s, tablets and other devices.

Right authoring tool selection

Often, you might find it difficult to choose the right tool to accomplish the conversion task. You will find a number of options to choose from. Apart from providing the capability for adaptive and responsive designs, one can further categorize the tools into mobile standard authoring tools and rapid development tools. While the tools consist of iSpring, Adapt, Arrapid ticulate Studio 13 and other ones, mobile standard tools consist of Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, Captivate and so on. Therefore, you need to opt for the right tools when you migrate from Flash to HTML5. It will ease up the process.

Rely on the best digital conversion service company and they will carry out the tsk with great level of accuracy and perfection.


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