Customer service email writing tips and other aspects busted

The relevance of customer service email support has never waned though many opine so. People even today use it to communicate with businesses; studies testify that nearly 50% users opt mailing while associating with any business.  This is reasonably not surprising enough. Emails are convenient. Write, send and forget! As far as customers get right replies as they expect, things are good. But trouble starts when your answers get delayed or fail to provide needed answers to customers.  Proper planning done internally solves the former issue. To know how to deal with latter, read ahead.

Email writing tips

Customer support mail-anatomy

Emails for customer services are in fact communications on sales and support to solve specific issues. In case if you have an email address mentioned in your website and you are visible online, you are sure to get mails.

Reading mails and responding to them continue as a cycle and it can be quite time consuming. Expected response for an email by a typical clients falls between 4 to 24 hours. You may take a bit more time to respond; it is fine but make sure to get personal. This is one of the golden rule sin writing customer service mails. Making clients feel valued by calling them their name and signally concern and respect wins you the deal, no matter how frustrated he is or adverse the situation is. Being robotic would make prospects disregard you. Now let us see how you can make the customer support emails that are a part of your multi-channel customer service strategy more personalized.

Greet the customer

Never write an email as if every character is costly and you want to save dollars even on the greetings. Start with a hello or hi warmly rather than going straight into the matter as if you are an automated machine. Initial greeting sets the tone; keep the same in mind.

Address customers by their name

This point is ignored by most of customer support people. Many address consumers as ‘dear concern’ or ‘dear customer’. It never helps as by following this kind of salutation, the whole mail becomes less personal.  Even when you are typing manually, unless name is specified, people think of the mail as an automatically generated one.

Thank the customer for contacting you

Clients should be thanked for putting forward queries in front of you. Don’t think that you deserve thanks for answering to their questions. In fact it is your responsibility to alleviate customer concerns. Customer feedback is actually doing you a favour by intimating you about the issues clients are facing with your product or service. This means that you can rectify the same for ensuring better consumer experience for the future ones.

Summarize before you start

You should summarize the present situation before starting to offer a solution for the same. This is one of the most important email writing tips. In case if you have doubts, just confirm the same with customer. This is very important when you are dealing with complex or tough cases. Also, the same is imperative when the communication was initiated after a long period of time. This will eliminate any chances of miscommunication.

Use right tools

The way you answer to the queries of customers matter a lot. Based on the problem complexity, there are several tools upon which you can depend to make it easier for them to understand your explanation. Some of them are examples, links to detailed information page, step by step guides and screenshots. Don’t ignore to answer if you can’t find one. Set a reasonable time frame and assure that you will be back to the customer with bets solution to his issue.

End with style

Once an answer is provided, never think that your responsibility is over. Communicate the consumer to be back to you directly in case if he encounters any issues in future. It will definitely be convenient for them. At the same time, you can save the time and effort of another agent as it may take him time to get acquainted with the customer’s nature and problem. This also ads personal touch.

Formal versus informal

Emails are one of the major customer service channels but the option has to be dealt with carefully and strategically.  The nature and attitude of customers vary significantly. People act and react differently; this must be understood before typing even a single word. Replies to emails by clients can have two obvious tones- formal and informal.

By being formal, you are safe but the pitfall is that you will not sound personal or sometimes even real. Going informal is risky but at the same time it can be rewarding as well.

In an absolutely formal industry like than of finance, medicine and legal etc., don’t even try to be informal as it can invite customer’s wrath. On the other hand, informal tones may work well entertainment, tourism and similar industries.

Though informal tones are better for achieving customer satisfaction, be alert before clicking the send button. Gauge your customer by checking the way they address you, their tone in sentences and all such small signals. If they are too formal, be formal and mirror their slant.

Use simple language

Using ornamental phrases and jargons is in fact counterproductive. Making use of such language can add to the worries of customers. Even simple things may seem complex for them and this will increase their doubts. So, it’s advisable to follow simple yet professional language.

Customer service mails automation

It is never possible to make every single mail feel personal. Still you can try to bring automated mails appear close to a personalized one. Create automated emails in a detailed and tactical manner that consumers would be unsure of whether some actual person has mailed it or it is auto-generated.

You may add an agent’s name along with photo to make it look more personal.

Customer service email templates

Templates can be a great time saver, especially when you are dealing with same or similar nature of problems. However, be sure that they are regarded as mere templates only and not as actual answers.

Email templates should in fact serve as guidelines to agents. The agent should just add a bit of personal elements and shoot them off. Make sure that agents don’t simply send a template with editing it.

To ensure great quality email support services that add value to your business, keep above things in mind and cleverly implement them in your workplace.


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