Tips for professional eBook cover design

Before going into the details regarding eBook cover design services as well as the tips and techniques, let us scrutinize the importance of having an attractive cover for your digital books.

Both publishers as well as authors are well acquainted with the relevance of the same. The basic thing is that only a great cover assures success. Nobody is going to comprehend the worth of your book unless he goes through it. The best way for you to persuade prospects is to communicate optimal messages through the cover page.

Tips for professional eBook cover design

Earlier, eBooks had no cover or just a simple cover with some text on it. This soon was replaced by highly interactive covers with more impressive elements. Let us see how we can assure this. Different elements need consideration.

A cover design has three elements that constitutes it- image, type and background. These elements must mutually support each other to convey the desired mood and context of the book.


There should be a background color, image as well as texture. Simple plain backdrops repel away the viewers unless your subject of work actually demands so. Backgrounds must be of great quality to bestow professional looks. However, you must make sure that it never contradicts with other elements. It should not hinder the readability of text. You can avail a professional lift if you seek assistance from a proven eBook cover design service provider.


Images are not always mandatory. There are some cases in which rest of the elements are well enough to achieve the desired output. However, most of the times, a great quality image can provide more life to your design. It avails more focus and exhibit important messages regarding the books style or subject. Consider buying from a photo library so as to get highest quality images. Your cover must include only those images that work properly with the background and the type. Overdoing can ruin whole thing.


Typography is something that can keep you ahead of the rest. Effectively making use of this art can fetch you amazing results. It must be apt for the genre of your book. Also, readability and clearness is pivotal. There are many online resources from where you can get amazing fonts.

Also read proven tips and tricks for ebook cover design for maximum impact.

WinBizSolutions is one of the reputed eBook cover design companies with a proven track record of assisting many authors to come up with best sellers. If you are planning to outsource eBook conversion services in India or any type of typography or design works, this company will surely impress you with its quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.


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