Top 3 aspects to be considered while creating fixed layout eBooks using InDesign

Adobe has improved InDesign CC making it easier to design graphic intensive fixed layout outputs. Printing projects were never this easier, thanks to the latest version of Adobe’s workhorse. While reflowable EPUB refers to flexible positioning of elements, fixed layout focuses on the precise positioning of text, art and graphic elements for better readability. Tweaking the settings on how to create a fixed layout EPUB is made simpler in InDesign’s latest version. With little effort and tactical processes, your own cookbook or craft book will be a revolution in the web.There are however certain facts to be considered.

fixed layout ebooks

1. Best constraints for a better design

It is better to optimize the layout for a tablet screen which runs at a resolution of 1024*768. For the same, images should have a resolution of 50 ppi or higher with body type above 16 points. Conversion of characters like bullets has to be done manually as these decorations are not represented in raw format by EPUB itself. Postscript fonts don’t usually work well with EPUBs, so it is better to go with TrueType or OpenType fonts. In a nutshell, the contrasting colors are obtained always in the RGB mode and hence there is no need to tolerate CMYK mode just because they work well with this format.

2. Working with Interactive elements

Interactive elements such as media and audio can easily be merged using the Buttons and Forms panel. Animation presets are a good way to time the animations. Almost all of the panels are responsive and works well with EPUB3 with InDesign excluding Smoke and Fly in the Blur animation panels. A set of options are available to playback the embedded media file.

3. Performing a cleanup

A successfully designed and exported EPUB file is useless unless it is validated. Always remember to validate the file to check its compatibility with the current standards. It is always a good idea to check files for errors using the pagina EPUB checker which is free for use. Finally upload your completed work to any one of the available stores like Apple iBooks or Play books if the platform is Android.

If followed, these simple tips will help professionals create stunning eBooks using InDesign cc fixed layout formats.


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