9 exceptionally operative call center metrics on which you can confidently rely

Call center metrics play an important role in keeping a customer’s interests preserved at the company. In case if there are any faults with the services provided, efficient support representatives have the ability to track and point the issue down before it gets a customer irate.

call center metrics

1) Resolution at the first call or best contact resolution

First call resolution is among the most important inbound call center metrics, which has a great impact on the satisfaction level of customers. This is a measurement of the number of calls that the contact center agent receives and handle, leading to the resolution of the customer’s concern within that call itself. This means, no further calls or follow-ups are involved in the process. A good FCR rate reflects high satisfaction level of the customers.

2) Conversion rate

The rate of converting prospective customers into leads is an important measure of the achievement made by the representative. It is often very important to adhere to the basic calculation metrics so as to get the appropriate results.

3) Call duration and timing

While certain representatives are agile and track down the issues far more quickly than others, it is often a good practice to check the length of calls made. Convincing replies made to customers often end in longer calls while shorter ones which solve issues are more likely to have an irate customer back at some point of time.

4) Track the call list for better operation

When there is not enough time and the list of customers who need to be contacted is overwhelmingly large, it is a good option to track the number of calls made. Doing so will reduce the requirement of a tracking analysis and enhance the productivity of customer support. A reduction in numbers either points to inefficient practices or staff requirement. Quick decision making is also required to stand up against the situation.

5) Service agreement

Meeting service level terms are an import ant aspect of growth when it comes to inbound contact centers. It is very important to track the abandonment level and the total number of calls taken in order to strike a balance as per the agreement.

6) Focus on your USP

There is a success mantra unique for every inbound contact center. You have to focus on your specific skills and adapt to the best in order to reap maximum success. A self-created metric will always help to gauge your position more precisely in the competitive world.

7) Schedule Adherence

Schedule adherence is one of the most important outbound call center metrics, which gauges the efficiency of the agent. It assesses whether the agent is able to complete the specified tasks within the given time. Timely service is one of the most important customer satisfaction points for a contact center. Besides, schedule adherence in call center helps in optimizing the time which is something really crucial.

8) Customer Satisfaction

This is the most dominant factor that a contact centre has to consider. Without ensuring that the customers are completely satisfied, no company would succeed in any manner. Customer satisfaction needs to be included in the call center metrics calculations. No mathematical methods are available to quantify it. You need to keep a track of the customer satisfaction in call center using IVR based surveys, call-backs and post-call automated surveys. These inbound call center tips will help you to enhance the performance of your contact center.

9) Occupancy rates of agents

While assessing the productivity of an agent in an outbound call center or inbound call center, you need to consider the occupancy rates of the agents. This is the measure of time that the agent spends while they are engaged on a call, as compared to the time spend while they wait for the calls. The productivity of agents entrusted with the task of inbound call handling also needs to be measured using this parameter. When the occupancy rate is low, it indicates that the agent is more focused on the tasks, and thereby, it indicates a higher productivity. However, it is necessary to have a high number of agents to calculate the occupancy rate. Companies providing call center services focus on the occupancy rates, which helps them to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

Companies offering inbound call center services assure expert service for customers by delivering the right content at the right time.

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