Ideas to help you not burn your hand while designing your magazine

There is a saying that goes “never judge a book by its cover”. Most of us do not follow the saying and often buy a book based on its cover and the way it looks, naturally. It proves that designing a magazine cover is an important task that you should never take for granted. There are many magazine cover design companies and making a name for oneself can be really challenging.

So here is a list of tips and guidelines that would help you make your name as one of the most prolific creative magazine design services provider.magazine

Be the audience yourself: Readers are the ultimate aim of any magazine and it must be able to deliver whatever that they want from it. In order to understand this better, you need to become the reader; put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Once you see from the perspective of readers, things will become clearer. This will help you become a better magazine layout design service provider.

Never fall for incoherent layouts: Have consistent style for the periodical that you are designing the layout for and stick with it. Most of the periodicals have created a style that has become resonant with the book itself.  While it can be commendable to toy with elements such as photographic illustrations or titles or even page arrangements according to well thought strategies, doing it for purpose can be counterproductive.

Of course, colors but use them wisely: Colors mean a world to creative people and using them wisely can instantly improve the look and feel of any design. However, this has to be carefully done while designing the layout for a magazine as it must make reading tireless for the reader. While using colors on the pages for a periodical, it should be borne in mind that the text and the background must be contrasting enough to enable smooth reading experience for everyone.

Fonts and typography: It is very important that there is a clear typographical hierarchy throughout the magazine and that it stays consistent. Without a carefully vetted typography, there is no way of communicating what articles are more important than others to the readers.

It’s the cover that attracts people: It is essential to keep in mind while designing a magazine that the cover is the most important piece which attracts people from a news stand and hence the best elements must be kept for the cover. There are several ways to layout the structure for the cover creatively. Have an intelligent grid where elements support each other rather than a random structure where elements conflict each other.

The life of a magazine design service provider can be really frustrating at times until you have reached a layout that satisfies the editor and creative person in you. That satisfaction is simply worth all the toiling that went behind it.


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